Your brand is a story waiting to be TOLD



The Story Shoppe is for companies who want to develop and grow their offering.Through research, brainstorming, workshopping, and thoughtful storytelling, we unfold the unique qualities that make your company stand out.

Let’s discover your truthful moments. Your perspective. Your story.

We’ll work in a hands-on collaboration to develop a consistent, custom crafted language. You’ll end up with a brand story as unique as your business that attracts customers across all media. 

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Together, we’ll journey step-by-step through my custom process created to help strengthen your offer and grow your brand:


01 Needs Assessment

We'll discuss your needs in an
interview-style format.


02 Brand Story Session

Together we'll have an interactive brand strategy workshop.


03 Brand Story Definition

I’ll develop a brand story that
uniquely differentiates you.


04 Brand Story Refinement

We won’t stop until your brand
story is pitch perfect.

05 Sharing Toolkit

I'll provide takeaway tools
to pass our work on to your team.


06 Going Beyond

I can take your creative to the next level with all types of content.



I have a passion for building up small businesses like yours 



I’m Colleen Arturi, Founder of The Story Shoppe. 

I cherish my work with startups and nonprofits, as I believe they create a forward moving momentum for their communities as well as for society at large. Plus, the scrappy among us are always the hardest working!

With over twelve years of experience in storytelling, I’m an award-winning brand builder, writer, and creative director, holding everything from a One Show Pencil to a Cannes Lion. With a heart made of Wisconsin cheese and a brain made of Internet TV, I love the Midwest and am proud to make Chicago my home. 



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