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Developing a healthcare service brand for underserved young people, with the input of young people

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Chicago experiences some of the highest STI rates in the country when it comes to teenagers. We needed to create a brand from scratch that that would provide solid, trustworthy information to young people, as well as services that were accessible and comfortable for young people in order to help them feel confident in their healthcare decisions.

In collaboration with:
Mary Foyder, Amanda Geppert
, Laura Paradis, Catherine Wieczorek

Notable Strategy & Research
Core 77 Design Awards 2019

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We developed Hello Greenlight squarely around the needs of young people. It’s a one-of-a kind sexual health service platform that includes a youth-facing sexual healthcare awareness materials and experiences, a tangible contraceptive counseling tool, and technical assistance for sexual healthcare clinics.  

Hello Greenlight utilized the human-centered design process throughout the six month development period. This means we creatively problem-solved using the input of Chicago-area young people in order to identify their needs and understand what challenges they face in the sexual health space. In addition to working with young people, we also closely worked with and continuously gathered input from healthcare providers, because providers administer the day-to-day implementation of many components of Hello Greenlight.



• A brand name that resonated with young people, with the input of young people

• A brand story that worked across audiences and media

• Youth-facing sexual healthcare awareness materials and experiences including printed posters and brochures

• A youth-facing website tailored to the needs of young people on the South and West sides of Chicago

• A provider-facing website and communication materials tailored to the needs of sexual healthcare providers throughout Chicago

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American Battlefield TRUST

Guiding an organization through a name change and subsequent brand transformation

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A non-partisan, nonprofit land-saving organization was facing a drastic overhaul: they were changing their name from the Civil War Trust to the American Battlefield Trust. They had a unique challenge in that they needed to shed the negative connotations of the Civil War era while still retaining a close relationship with their loyal following — and forging the path for new audiences along the way.

In collaboration with:

Mary Foyder and the American Battlefield Trust team



To guide this brand shift, we worked from the inside out, starting with an internal mission-seeking workshop from the entire organization. The inputs from this guided the decision-making and laid the groundwork for the future.

We guided the brand through a successful transition into the new era. In doing so, we pushed the organization forward by capitalizing on the strengths of the existing brand, defining expansion goals, and using both to bring the future brand story to life.

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• In-person human-centered design workshop guiding entire 70 person organization through brand considerations

• Revised brand story direction, including personality, archetype, values, and audience journey that fit the current and future desires of the organization

• Retooled brand voice and tone to fit new brand story direction

• Created print ads that exemplified the new brand direction in targeted publications

• Launched and conceptualized new media content channel “Head-Tilting History” to connect with redefined audiences

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Shaping the value of a technology that doesn’t exist yet through a clear and consistent brand story

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A Chicago startup had a revolutionary checkout technology. Although much time had been spent developing the technological back end components, the company needed a way to package up the technology in an understandable way that would clearly outline value to potential investors and stand out quickly and boldly in a crowded tech sector.

In collaboration with:

Victoria Pater and the Modest team

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We created a brand from scratch, articulated its offer, and built a website for this revolutionary way to checkout online. All in less than two weeks.

We needed a site that fully showcased the story of the brand while articulating its value clearly. This was a challenge as this particular checkout technology did not exist yet. Our work was to translate the technically heavy language of the development team and translate it into a friendly consumer-facing site.

There aren’t many measurable metrics in brand development, but I’ll mark this one as an accomplishment: Paypal acquired Modest just months after our website launch.



• Brand strategy and story development for this emerging offer

• Content strategy and planning for the website

• Copywriting and other content creation for the website

• Development of and editing for tailored investor pitch deck

• Intensive strategic and creative collaboration with Modest design and development teams

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The garage at northwestern

Building a fresh startup incubator brand inside an established university

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Northwestern University was in the process of building out an innovation space that would help students kick start their journey into entrepreneurship. The brand needed to be built quickly in tandem with the construction timeline of this new space in order to be ready for the next class of students. Because there aren’t many student-focused accelerators, and because students come to the table with few restraints and blue sky possibilities, the language around the offer had to sound fresh and thrilling in order to connect with the next generation of leaders.

In collaboration with:

Pax Rodentia and the Northwestern Marketing team



The client team wasn’t even sure what needed to be built when The Garage project began, but in the end, we created a fully utilized brand with a full digital presence for an innovative project space designed to teach startup thinking.

Using a workshop as the catalyst for the creation of The Garage brand, I collaborated with two groups of stakeholders - both at Northwestern University as well as with Evanston design firm Pax Rodentia. The result was a successful launch of a not only a new website, but also new physical space that was branded to match the digital space.

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• Articulated brand strategy and story utilizing collaborative workshop format

• Utilized brand coaching and design thinking to bring The Garage brand to life

•  Crafted a proprietary brand language, including a personality, tone, content format, and tagline

• Provided content strategy for the website

• Crafted copy for the website

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packed with purpose

Coaching a first-time entrepreneur through the development and launch of a brand and website

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It’s tough to find meaningful gifts, and even tougher to find gifts with true social impact. This gift box company puts together the best of social enterprise in a box, with bespoke products sourced from non-profits across the country. This high-impact retail idea needed a brand story and subsequent content that matched its highly meaningful social purpose.

In collaboration with:

Julie Nelson and Leeatt Rothschild

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We created a brand that would stand out in the social good space. By utilizing Packed with Purpose’s strong IndieGoGo following to launch this heartfelt and high quality gift box brand, we ensured that the customers who were already backers felt a part of the official launch.  

As a gift box offer that is filled with other companies’ socially conscious goods, it was essential for this brand to speak as a positive, uplifting leader, speaking to a consumer audience while paving the way for future social good product partnerships.  

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• Developed a vision for the brand through a highly collaborative Brand Story Workshop, resulting in a definition of Values, Personality, Value Proposition, Competitors, Audience, Features, Differentiators, and Brand Story

• Crafted a language for the brand using the work done in the Brand Story Workshop, including a standout tagline

• Provided content strategy for the website

• Crafted copywriting for the website

• Aided with launch of website and brand by working closely with the development, design, and public relations teams

• Provided proofreading, digital best practices, and design consultation for website launch